Bubble Curtains have an enormous potential to protect marine life, shoreline environments and fish habitat.

Bubble Tubing®, a micro
bubble linear diffuser can be easily deployed to create a curtain of sub-surface micro air bubbles over the length of the tube across a stream or river or banks of a pond/lake to control silt or contain contaminants.

Two or more lines of ½” self-sinking Bubble Tubing® (or industrial sizes where necessary) can be positioned downstream of the work activities in an area of natural deposition and The air barrier will reduce silt transfer downstream and encourages sedimentation.

The installation is quick and easy, with no moving parts or electrical components in the water, only the Bubble Tubing and Torpedo Feeder Line where necessary, which only carries compressed air.

The flexible self-sinking lines are meant to lay flat on the bed with two or more lines spaced apart at various distances depending on flow rates and depth.  Air is introduced via feeder lines (Torpedo) from a compressor unit situated on the bank.  No physical obstruction is created by the Bubble Tubing meaning that navigation remains open at all times.

Variable flow velocities may be encountered across the channel but a reduction in turbidity, can be observed downstream of the bubble barriers in all flow conditions. At flow velocities of 0.2 m/s and lower, the bubble barriers also hold back floating debris.

As well as mitigating the movement of sediment, deployment of Bubble Tubing® delivers a number of ancillary benefits downstream of in channel works:

  • The impact of noise and vibrations on aquatic fauna can be reduced
  • Oxygen is forced into the water column during times of high oxygen demand
  • Navigation can remain open at all times
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