Not all aeration systems are created equally.

Even when using the same compressor, most pond aerators are let down by the design and function of the diffuser itself.
This is the business end of the system, responsible for the production and movement (or lack there of) of oxygen in a body of water.

Deiceair offers a variety of aeration systems, however our benchmark is the Canadian Air System.  Nothing beats the efficiency of the Bubble Tubing based aerator.
This (Bubble Tubing) aerator is a unique diffuser, that creates millions of micro-bubbles over much larger areas than competing systems. Although the Canadian Air System may use similar compressors, there’s no comparing the superior output of Dissolved Oxygen that Bubble Tubing is capable of producing. Rather than simply mixing with coarse bubbles, the sheer volume of micro bubbles, covers a much larger surface area and allows for better dissolving of oxygen. Bubble Tubing allows the Canadian Air System to produce substantially more oxygen, using less electricity, while maintaining (where needed) stratification and cold water refuges for fish like trout, or mixing action for troublesome areas with excess weed growth and algae.

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