There’s no question that a Bubble Tubing® based CanadianAir™ System, is the best for Trout… More Oxygen, less mixing, and cleaner, clearer water!

Although Bubble Tubing® can also be used for mixing, this system can provide far better aeration with less de-stratification, which is an important consideration in Trout Ponds.

Keeping a cold-water-refuge ensures temperature sensitive Trout can shelter during the warmest months in the summer.

Because Bubble Tubing® is a linear diffuser, it can cover much larger areas in a pond.Bubble Tubing® is also a unique diffuser in that it is able to use the same size compressor, as competing diffusers, but it creates demonstrably more dissolved oxygen… Less electricity, more O2, and less heat.

If you want the best for your pond, and your fish, Canadian Air System simply can’t be beat.

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