DEICEair’s Small Pond Aeration System is designed to move significantly more water in your Back Yard Pond, Koi Pond, or a variety of Variety Features up to 5 Feet of depth.  Featuring a quiet operating diaphram compressor and diffuser engineered for small ponds up to 5 feet of depth, the SAS System delivers exceptional value. The SAS system is available in 4 sizes with up to 4 separate diffusers to match almost any pond shape or configuration.

The SAS system comes with easily connected components. 

Including the quiet operating diaphragm compressor, self sinking Torpedo Air Lines and Diffusers that have been Engineered to provide great results. 

The 4 sizes allow the SAS System to work effectively in a number of different sized and configurations up to 5 feet deep.

SAS Single Diffuser

SAS Double Diffuser

SAS Triple Diffuser

SAS Quad Diffuser

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