Deiceair on-site, installing a custom BubbleTubing® Thawline™ system for a client on Georgian Bay where the water levels are at record highs.
Georgian Bay has seen a lake levels well over high water marks that had become the new normal over the last decade.

Bubble Tubing is one of the best ways to prevent ice jacking and suspension issues associated with high water or swings in water depth.  Our compressors are the quietest and most efficient on the market, and offer a more controllable alternative to traditional bubble systems.  Our BubbleTubing® Thawline™ Bubbler systems also allow property owners and managers to control the envelope of open water around their structures, lowering liability and other issues that arise from having too much open water. This tighter envelope of open water created by our BubbleTubing® based linear diffuser, is one of the key reasons people choose our systems. This advantage is also coupled with lower energy costs, and easier servicing being that their are no moving parts or electricity in the water.  Our Bubble Tubing ® Thawline™ system is also a great choice for finished Boat Houses as it creates far less humidity than a traditional bubbler.

September is definitely the time to book your system install, if you haven’t already. Call us today for more information  705-789-6663.

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