DeiceAir Bacterius Pond Dye Dry FormulaBacterius Pond Dye Dry Formula

It’s spring! Time to treat your lakes and ponds with Bacterius dry formula of pond dye.

Back by popular demand, offers this very convenient, easy to use dry formula pond dye you simply toss into the water.

What sets this formulation apart from other blue dye is the Natural look.  Bacterius NATURAL BLUE is formulated from careful colour dye combinations that uniquely match natural Canadian waters.

DeiceAir’s Deep Cool Pond Dye Colour

You get natural looking water.

With Bacterius NATURAL BLUE Aquatic Dye, we carefully chose shades of blue and grey, with a touch of black. This gives our lake and pond dye the effect of deep, cool water, that is highly reflective of UV rays. You get natural looking water.

Think of a deep, cool lake that you would find in the Canadian Shield, and recall how the light reflects off the water surface, onto the moss covered Canadian Shield: this is the effect that Bacterius NATURAL BLUE Dye can have in your pond.

Why add Bacterius NATURAL BLUE Aquatic Dye to your Pond?

Pond dye helps block UV rays that enter a pond. It is the UV rays that go deep into a pond providing light for photosynthesis required for plant and algae growth. When we use a pond dye, we block some of that light, helping control growth of some algae and some unwanted submerged aquatic plants.

Features of Bacterius NATURAL BLUE Dry Pond Dye

  • Available in a dark natural blue colour;
  • Super-concentrated formula (>84% pure pigments);
  • Will not stain plants, pets, birds or swimmers when applied at the recommended rate;
  • Bacterius NATURAL BLUE Dye is not harmful to the environment;
  • Completely free of pesticides and herbicides.


  • Filters sunlight and provides an aesthetically pleasing, natural appearance to pond water;
  • Keeps water temperature cooler;
  • Blocks up to 40% of the sun’s rays to effectively starve the growth of existing algae and formation of new growth;
  • Contributes to algae and aquatic weeds reduction in garden ponds & small lakes;
  • Easy to apply and lasts 4 to 6 weeks depending on water flow.


1 soluble pouch will treat 2 500 m³

Dry soluble (corn based) pouches; simply toss into pond or lake and within 1-2 hours the water body will be coloured. Can be mixed quickly and evenly throughout the pond with the use of a fountain, aerator or similar mechanical device.

Repeat monthly or as needed, as pigments will oxidize and gradually disappear.

This product does not contain bacteria.

Use Bacterius 1B, 5B, C, N, POND, EQUINOX for sludge control and reducing nutrients.

Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Reapply product as needed. Will stain clothing. Do not freeze.

For large scale commercial and industrial project applications contact DeiceAir 705-789-6663 .

Price / Size

3 x 114 g jar – $49

20 x 114g bucket – $299

Also available in 1-litre liquid format

Call pricing 705-789-6663


Ponds and lakes – Municipalities – Golf Courses – Hotels – Commercial – Any aquatic environments.

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