Why Choose Aeration

Aeration is really about supplying Oxygen to a body of water that has a certain carrying capacity for the organisms, most importantly bacteria that live in it. In layman’s terms, there’s a certain amount of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) a body of water requires to stay in a balance, and aeration allows pond owners or people with lake-front issues to better restore that balance. 

At Deiceair we offer a variety of solutions when it comes to aeration, but the bench-mark for a modern aeration system, is found in our Bubble Tubing based  CanadianAir we also carry entry level systems for small ponds (the S.A.S system, perfect for Koi and other water features) as well as aeration fountains and circulators.

These linear aeration systems work gently from the pond or lake bottom, offering superior results, and more efficient operation. The CanadianAir system has a much greater effect over larger areas, when compared to traditional disk diffusers and other aeration systems that produce coarse bubbles centralized in columns.

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