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Thawline™ Bubbler Deicer Systems


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  • Thawlines are precise , allows de-icing control of a specific area
  • Allows in most cases electricity economy compared to impeller deicer systems
  • Better control of the effects of over-bubbling
  • Can be used year round, for deicing and/or for aeration to increase water quality, so your investment goes a long way, protecting and improving your shoreline property.
  • Can be laid along a headwall or shoreline, or around various structures or supports.
  • No electricity or moving parts in the water
  • Option of multiple runs of tubing to deice specific areas.
  • Installation is easy; depending on circumstances you can leave it in year round or remove it seasonally.
  • Since bubble tubing if very flexible, it can be laid in any configuration and can be used to protect odd shaped structures from ice damage.
  • Works well in both shallow and deep water; salt or fresh water.
  • Bubble Tubing can be laid on the lake floor at the same depth along the length of the tubing or installed alongside a structure or boat hull.
  • Field tested in the Canadian winters for over a decade.
  • Less humidity ice formation of boats, boathouses versus impeller deicing in very cold temperatures.

Custom designed

Unlike some impeller deicers that create very large holes in the ice, a Thawline™ Bubbler De-Icer creates a deicing water zone that follows the contours of a structure more closely. Thawline™ Bubbler Deicer can also prevent the need to remove and install pleasure boats year round, saving time and money.

Use Thawline™ Bubbler systems year round to improve water quality. This deicing bubbler hose is also excellent for ponds where fish kill is a danger.

Each Thawline™ Bubble tubing system is custom designed to the clients structure and de-icing needs so please contact us for pricing.

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