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Kasco Marine Impeller Deicers

Kasco Deicers

As it is impractical to remove large docks or boats from the water, Kasco de-icers can help prevent serious ice property damage due to jacking/lifting, and ice expansion. It can also help prevent winter fish-kill conditions in ponds and lakes.

Kasco dock bubblers are submerged thrust deicers that use an impeller system to create lateral or horizontal movement of water. This water agitation inhibits ice formation near structures or shoreline that require protection from the potential damage of ice or simply to keep an area free of ice for industrial or commercial applications.

Universal dock mount – Angled position – Produces long elongated pattern

This heavy-duty universal dock mount or piling mount is made from thermal plastic composites, corrosion protected steel, and stainless steel to withstand the toughest marine conditions. The de-icer is mounted to the “underwater parts” of the Universal Dock Mount and the “above water” parts are mounted to the dock or piling.

The Universal Dock Mount mounting option is the best way to set the angle of the unit precisely as per your needs either vertical or several different angled positions. It is often easier to deice a boat by installing the deicer at or near the bow, angled toward the stern. If the water flow is directed toward the shore or a retaining wall, it flairs, forming a desirable “T” shape deicing pattern. The deicer may also be adjusted to a maximum depth of 3 m (10′) from the above water mounting brackets and it may be moved 360 degrees. This allows for a variety of operating positions and is able to fit and adapt to many different situations and conditions.

Kasco Pricing - Thanksgiving Blowout!

  • 1/2h HP with 25' cord: $836.99 $795.99
  • -- with 50' cord: $868.99 $829.99
  • -- with 100' cord: $1014.99 $982.99
  • 3/4 HP with 25': $929.99 $897.99
  • -- with 50': $957.99 $927.99
  • -- with 100': $1099.99 $1086.99
  • 1HP with 25': $907.99 $989.99
  • -- with 50': $1069.99 $1029.99
  • -- with 100': $1379.99 $1349.99

Please call for assistance in choosing the correct unit for your specific needs.

220V De-icers available upon request.

All Kasco Marine Agitators available in three different power cord lengths, 25', 50' and 100'.

Kasco Accessories pricing

  • Universal Dock Mount: $369.99 $349.99
  • Float Mount: $356.99 $326.99
  • Thermostat C-10: $164.99 $159.99
  • Thermostat/Timer Combo C-20: $284.99 $272.99
Thermostat timer
Float kit