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Along with a well-known solutions like Kasco agitators, we install newer and more elegant technical solution: linear deicing systems called Thawline™ bubblers.

Thawline™ Bubbler Deicer Systems use flexible, linear, self-sinking or non-weighted airline hose known as Bubble Tubing® to create a wall of bubbles that rises from the basin floor, up through the water column.

As the bubbles rise they bring with them the warmer, dense (4C) water from below up to the surface where cooler, lighter water and ice are forming. The warm water in concert with the bubble action (that breaks surface tension) keeps an ice free zone whose size varies based on ambient air temperature.

As the water moves away from the energy source (diffuser) it then sinks back to the bottom creating a deicing loop.

As it is impractical to remove large docks or boats from the water, Kasco de-icers can help prevent serious ice property damage due to jacking/lifting, and ice expansion. It can also help prevent winter fish-kill conditions in ponds and lakes.

Kasco dock bubblers are submerged thrust deicers that use an impeller system to create lateral or horizontal movement of water. This water agitation inhibits ice formation near structures or shoreline that require protection from the potential damage of ice or simply to keep an area free of ice for industrial or commercial applications.


What can happen without deicing?

In an effort to protect permanent docks and structures from winter ice damage, many property owners use a mechanical device that keeps ice from freezing around the piers of a dock or the underlying crib structure. These dock de-icers provide an ice free zone by constantly moving water in much the same way as a flowing stream does. It is important to be well informed about deicing options and how to safely and effectively install and maintain your de-icer.

Deicing solution

Deicing applications vary widely from those requiring Small Pond Bubblers for protecting a pond from a winter fish kill to Large Industrial Deicing Systems that keep canals and waterways open for barges and tugs. Our experienced staff can help you decide whether: Thawline™ Bubbler linear deicer for an Industrial Application a Thawline™ Bubbler deicer, an OctoAir™ -10 deicing diffuser, or an impeller de-icers is best suited for your ice-away deicing project.